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If you’re hosting a party, it’s essential to have a plan for keeping those drinks ice-cold and refreshing all day long. After all, warm bubbly, or lukewarm beers or cocktails are hardly the high note you want your party to end on.

So before the gathering gets into full swing, here are some great ideas for displaying and chilling your drinks, all while adding a touch of pizzazz to the occasion.

So let the fun begin!

The Good Ol’ Cooler

You simply can’t go wrong with the tried-and-true method of the cooler. It may seem like an obvious choice but don’t underestimate the convenience and effectiveness of this old standby. Here are a few cooler hacks for a memorable time:

  • Size Matters: Choose a cooler big enough to accommodate all your drinks while ensuring it’s not too large for your space.
  • Level Up: Arrange drinks in layers by type, with the most popular choices at the top.
  • Ice and Salt: Mixing regular ice with rock salt will make the ice colder than usual. Science is cool (pun intended).
  • Spruce it Up: Don’t forget to jazz up your cooler with decorations or themes to match your party vibe.
  • Stay in the Shade: Direct sun is a cooler’s nemesis. Keep it in the shade to ensure the drinks stay cooler for longer.

DIY Ice Bucket

Creating a DIY ice bucket is an easy and stylish way to keep drinks cold at a party. Simply nest a smaller bucket inside a bigger one, fill the gap with water, and freeze. Make it eye-catching by adding flowers, citrus slices, or herbs to the water.

Ice buckets are perfect for garden soirees and summer events. Choose add-ins that complement your party theme to transform the ice bucket into a functional centerpiece that keeps your beverages chilled and impresses your guests.

Frozen Drink Dispenser

If you’ve got multiple beverages to serve, frozen drink dispensers can be both elegant and practical. Simply take glass or plastic dispensers and freeze a portion of the drink inside before adding the rest. This ensures the drink stays cold without diluting the taste.

Frozen drink dispensers are excellent for keeping slushies, margaritas, fresh juices, and lemonades cold.

Garden Trough Cooler

If you’re planning a backyard BBQ or upscale garden party, why not switch up your cooler game with a garden trough (if you’ve got one)?

You just need to fill it up with ice and pop in the beverages. For an added touch, you can adorn it with bright flowers, floating citrus slices, or cool summer trinkets.

Wheelbarrow Cooler

Give your celebration an adorable rustic touch with a wheelbarrow cooler. Regardless of whether it’s an old tumbling relic or a gleaming, new metal piece, a wheelbarrow filled with crushed ice and beverages can keep your drinks cool and make an appealing attraction for your guests.

Plus, it’s mobile; you can wheel it around to different spots, depending on where it needs to be.

Frozen Balloons

A fun and festive touch. Fill the balloons with water and freeze. Once frozen, place these colorful ice orbs in coolers or bowls with drinks. They’ll keep beverages chilled and double as a playful decoration.

Wine Rack Cooler

If wine is on your menu, consider converting a wine rack into a cooler by putting bottles into wicker ice bucket inserts, complete with ice and water. Not only does this method maintain your wines at the perfect temperature, but it also presents them in a composed, sophisticated way.

Frozen Fruit

Frozen fruit can be an exciting, colorful way of keeping party cocktails cool. Chill chopped fruits like grapes, strawberries, or blueberries in the freezer before adding them to your drinks. They act as tiny, delightful ice alternatives and add a burst of flavor to your drinks.

Cooler Bags

Cooler bags can secure your chilled bottles and cans. They offer insulation that keeps drinks cold for long durations while also being convenient to handle.

Consider choosing one designed with fashionable prints that sync with your party vibe.


Remember, refreshingly cool drinks are integral to a great party. Whatever method you choose to keep your drinks cold, make sure it fits with your party’s ambiance.

The ideal solution should blend functionality with aesthetics, adding a chic touch to your event while keeping drinks irresistibly cool. And, of course, it should not cost you an arm and a leg.


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