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Disposable Wholesale Plastic Mason Jars

Looking for a dependable, safe, and affordable way to store and serve all sorts of dishes and ingredients? Look no further than our collection of top-shelf plastic Mason jars. We’re an established wholesaler of recyclable food containers, and have served caterers and event planners all around the United States for over 20 years.

The classic mason jar has held jams and preserves since the mid-19th century. Now, you can purchase disposable plastic mason jars in bulk from CMJJ Gourmet and benefit from wholesale prices. Our high-quality recyclable plastic jars, dessert cups, food trays, and dinnerware let restaurants and other hospitality businesses present their foods in new and creative ways.

Food Safe Bulk Plastic Mason Jars

Disposable mason jar cups​ come with many benefits and are available in different sizes to accommodate your desserts, fruits, and drinks. Our multiple lid options protect items from errant hands. Wholesale plastic mason jars from CMJJ will inspire chefs to create whimsical, nostalgic, or simply delicious and charming items. Your guests can consume directly from the container.

Whether you’re organizing a big event or are a full-time caterer, one of your top priorities has to be preserving the safety and flavor of the foods you serve to guests. There are too many plastic containers out there that are made out of subpar materials, which can significantly deteriorate the quality of your ingredients by the time you’re ready to serve. Our bulk plastic Mason jars use food-grade PET plastic that is 100% BPA Free. Shop with confidence knowing that all our food packaging has your safety covered with a variety of styles.

Buy plastic mason jars in bulk from CMJJ gourmet, and charm your patrons while protecting and displaying your chef’s signature items.

What Can You Use Wholesale Plastic Mason Jars For?

Display these beautiful disposable plastic mason jars anywhere. Keep your events safe and easy with dessert in a jar. Create the perfect gift in a mason jar with a classy aluminum lid. Impress your friends or customers with beautiful drinks and unique presentations.

These dishwasher safe mason jars are perfect for food items, but also pickled vegetables and essential oils. Usage can vary based on your needs with both plastic and aluminum lids available.

The Best Plastic Canning Jars for Caterers

As a caterer, you know how important it is to have access to reliable storage solutions for appetizers, deserts, and all sorts of other food items to serve at events. Plastic Mason jars are one of the best options for catering companies in need of containers that can safely store and transport food to events, and serve it right out of the jar.

When you place a plastic Mason jars bulk order with us, you’re getting a large quantity of reusable containers that are not only capable of storing dishes, but are also perfectly suitable for serving. With CMJJ gourmet plastic Mason jars, you won’t only save money, but also plenty of time, which is equally important when it comes to making sure that any event goes according to plan. Your staff will be more relaxed knowing that they don’t have to face the daunting task of carefully transferring food out of containers onto plates or bowls, allowing them to focus on the top priority – making sure that all guests are well-fed and satisfied with the service.

Dependable Storage Solution

Our wholesale plastic Mason jars have plenty of uses other than catering for big events. They’re also a great option for small and large businesses working with pickled foods, essential oils, and many other perishable, consumable items. Whether you run a physical store or an online operation, these containers can serve as a reliable, aesthetically pleasing way to package your products.

The fact that our Mason jars are made out of top quality plastic also means that they are much harder to break than their glass counterparts. If you transport large quantities of food items on a regular basis, our plastic Mason jars wholesale solution will help you keep your delicious food fresh and intact as it gets delivered to its destination.

Plastic or Aluminum Lid Options Available

Most of our jar options come in both aluminum and plastic lid options. Follow a few tips to find which option is best for your needs!

We recommend the aluminum styles when using the mason jars for retail items and gifts. The classy look of the aluminum lid is great for storage or any DIY project. When wanting to stock a gift shop with souvenirs in a jar, the aluminum lid provides a more colorful and memorable container. Add a label with your brand, and wrap a bow around the jar to really make it pop.

The transparent plastic lids are recommended when you want to show off your creative décor at the top of the jars. Seeing as they are durable, look good, and will reliably preserve the look of your dishes, using plastic Mason jars is one of the best ways to serve desserts at major events. Whether making a tiramisu or cheesecake in a jar, it’s important to show off the garnish’s attractive finish at the top. The packaging possibilities are endless!

Safe Shipping Guaranteed

Glass bottles can be difficult to ship despite the expensive price tag. They can often break during shipping. Plastic jars are a durable and easy way of preserving whatever item you choose. While glass bottles have the possibility of breaking, these jars are perfect for shipping. Pack and ship any order or gifts with confidence of a safe delivery. The CMJJ Gourmet brand is committed to delivering the low prices and convenience you are looking for through our variety of wholesale mason jars.

Case Pricing and Discounted Shipping

It is not always easy to do bulk shopping online. Save with bulk pricing on jars. Simply browse your favorite jars, add products to your cart, and benefit from wholesale prices on your order. Shop from our collection and guarantee the best deals to save you money with the best price. Get FREE FedEx shipping on qualifying orders within the 48 United States. Order usually ships within 1-2 business days of checkout. Don’t have time to wait? Contact us to request any time sensitive orders to guarantee prompt shipping solutions.

Wholesale Plastic Disposables Catalog

Continue shopping with our large catalog of plastic disposables! Search our catalog for a variety of different styles to customize your event. Looking for a different container with a lid? Check out our full stock of wholesale dessert cups with lids. We’ve got everything from serving trays, through dessert cups, all the way to pastry tools and equipment. Don’t settle for anything less than the best in the business – check out our wide offer of plastic disposable event containers today!

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