Macaron Boxes for Sale

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Box of Macarons for Sale

Macarons are pretty cookies! Show off their lovely pastels and delicious chocolate flavors in macaron boxes from CMJJ Gourmet. Whether you’re giving cookies as a gift or preparing a box of macarons for sale, our transparent, disposable, and recyclable macaron boxes protect your cookie creations while showing them off for all to see.

Organize and protect 4, 8, or 12 macarons in covered boxes with black bases and transparent lids. These containers make it easy to transport boxes of macarons for sale or gifting. Tie a colorful ribbon around them; they’re sure to please!

Best of all, these disposable macaron boxes are recyclable. When your customer or gift recipient has devoured their contents, the boxes can go into a recycling bin for responsible disposal.

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