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Buying Macaron Boxes Wholesale

Macarons are pretty cookies! Show off their lovely pastels and delicious chocolate flavors in macaron boxes from CMJJ Gourmet. Whether you’re giving cookies as a gift or preparing a box of macarons for sale, our transparent, disposable, and recyclable macaron boxes protect your cookie creations while showing them off for all to see.

Organize and protect 4, 8, or 12 macarons in covered boxes with black bases and transparent lids. These containers make it easy to transport boxes of macarons for sale or gifting. Tie a colorful ribbon around them; they’re sure to please!

Best of all, these disposable macaron boxes are recyclable. When your customer or gift recipient has devoured their contents, the boxes can go into a recycling bin for responsible disposal.

Custom Macaron Boxes: The Best Macaron Packaging?

Are you looking for the best way to pack your macarons so customers can see them? Are the macaron boxes sold separately at supply stores too expensive to be worth your while? Or perhaps you hate the idea of a box or packaging that can’t be recycled?

Rather than being sold separately, our macaron box design is sold by the case. These days, many people are moving toward buying durable macaron boxes in bulk, opting mainly for custom macaron boxes.

This can be a great way to make your catering message stand out, and custom-made macaron boxes have several advantages, including the following:

  • Custom packaging can make your delicious macarons stand out
  • Appropriate macaron containers help keep your confectionery delights and treats fresh
  • Buying wholesale or bulk macaron boxes can be cheaper than other options
  • When you buy special packaging, you often have access to a wider variety of wholesale macaron boxes
  • You can choose from several size options, including 4, 8 and 12-macaron packaging
  • Adding a logo and slogan to the box transforms it easily from bland to your own special brand

So, absolutely! Buying custom macarons boxes wholesale is one of the best ways to cater macarons for everything, from birthday parties and bridal showers to company functions.

CMJJ Gourmet: Wholesale Macaron Packaging at Great Prices

Here at CMJJ Gourmet, we aim to offer wholesale macaron packaging at the best price. Whether you want to buy a macaron box case (containing 110 units) or plastic mason jars by the sleeve, our collection has you covered.

Whether you’re a large-scale caterer, regularly catering large parties, own one of the many artisanal bakeries that bring such joy to the world, or own a fast food joint, we can help you. Whichever part of the food supply business you’re in, maintaining the taste and safety of the treats is essential.

One of the wonderful things about buying our sleeve of dessert cups or macaron boxes in bulk from factories is that most of our products consist of recyclable plastics. Although many of our products are disposable, most are still recyclable (even those made from recycled materials to begin with).

The food-grade PET plastic that we use is also 100% BPA-Free. This means that you can send out your macarons in personalized containers without worrying about toxic chemicals leaking from the containers.

Additionally, when you buy macaron packaging wholesale from us, the macaron box is sturdy enough to reuse multiple times. This means that, in some cases, clients can reuse the containers.

Wholesale Macaron Containers: The Best for Display

Our bulk macaron boxes give you the advantage when it comes to displaying your beautiful, scrumptious macarons. And, let’s be honest, these cookies are well worth displaying!

But what makes our macaron box stand out compared to a normal tray or another standard packaging? It’s based entirely on the French design for packaging macarons, which means your customers get a lovely taste of authenticity.

They’re also uniquely designed to fit perfectly into display cases, meaning that you can show off your treats to the best effect. Since they’re wonderfully shaped, they can make a great display in a store window.

As we all know, if customers can see it, they’re more likely to buy it. Macarons are also a great treat to keep wedding guests happy, and displaying these sweets well makes the experience all the better.

Other Disposable and Reusable Packaging Options

Whether you have a bakery or a catering business, chances are that you need more than macaron boxes. Have a look at our wholesale dessert cups if you’d like to sell ready-made desserts, or consider the multi-faceted mason jar as a catering option.

Some of our most popular packaging options include:

  • Dessert cups with lids – Like wholesale macaron boxes, these are excellent for displaying your wares while keeping the treats fresh.
  • Wheat plastic cups, trays, and tableware – This helps you to create the perfect atmosphere while ensuring that your packaging doesn’t harm the environment.
  • Plastic mason jar – The perfect, versatile catering option that’s easy to recycle. Use them for anything from desserts and muesli to chip dip and salsa.
  • Disposable shot glasses – These are fantastic for everything from shooters to mini mousse cups and remain 100% recyclable.

We also sell packaging by the sleeve, including items like the following:

  • Plastic dessert cups with spoons – The perfect combination of tableware and packaging.
  • Mini plastic serving trays – An excellent way to present smaller items that require perfect spacing. Whether it’s strawberry shortcake or appetizers, these trays are your best bet.

Either way, our vast selection of plastic disposable event containers is bound to have a type of packaging for the latest treat on your menu. Partner with us and take your catering menu to a whole new level.

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