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Eco-Wheat and Plastic Mini Dessert Cups

CMJJ has retail pack sized mini dessert cups for all your dessert cup recipes! Whether you’re catering for a buffet or for a small party, here at CMJJ Gourmet, we have you covered. With a large variety of shapes and material, our chefs have the advantage of limitless creation.

From environmentally friendly wheat plastic to recyclable clear plastic dessert cups, you can serve mini recipe after mini recipe. Tiny cookies, pudding in a cup, mini parfait dessert, delicious cookies and cream ice cream, all considered a perfect dessert. Any recipe you can think of, the possibilities are endless.

Disposable and Recyclable Plastic Containers

With our mini dessert cups and tiny serving trays, you can display your sweet treats in a cup for all your guests to see. By using our disposable and recyclable tiny dessert cups, you can create delicious serving-sized heavy cream desserts.

Our clear plastic containers could be a the elegant vessel for your creamy chocolate mousse pie. Share a mini cup size tres leches dessert for your dinner party. No matter what, the best part is – clean up is easy and quick!

By using a smaller size cup, your friends, family, and guests can get a taste of all your creations at the table. Make a delicious whipping cream topped strawberry shortcake parfait in a cup and get ready to see all the love your creations receive.

Eco Friendly Wheat Plastic Options to Choose From

Worried about the environment? Fret no more with our environmentally conscious and eco friendly wheat plastic mini cups and tiny serving platters.

Made of an approved BPA and FDA wheat plastic material, our wheat plastic cups and trays are a great alternative to plastic cups and trays.

Able to be refrigerated, like all our products, our wheat plastic mini cups handle cold dessert cup recipes such as heavy cream cakes and ice cream for birthdays. These mini cups and trays are perfect for stored desserts and for your everyday easy to make recipe.

Stock our wheat plastic cups and trays in your kitchen today. Furthermore, practice a more environmentally conscious product by lessening your carbon footprint.

Mini Dessert Cups with Lids and Spoons

By using our mini dessert cups with lids, you are able to create perfect to-go desserts. It would be a great error to cater without mini spoons or covering your mini cookies ice cream sandwiches with a lid. Pave the way for delicious take-away dessert cup recipes for your guests!

Here at CMJJ, we understand how crazy the world can be. With our dessert cups with lids included, you can practice food safety and ensure you and your guests are happy while practicing safe food handling.

Tiny Platters for Dessert and Appetizers

Create a beautiful table set and provide your friends and family with recipes to love. Indulge your sweet tooth with extra flavor tiny cookies, mini desserts and appetizers served on small platters – it’s a party your guests will never forget.

Get ready to have the party of the decade when you stock up on CMJJ’s tiny platters.

A delicious shrimp cocktail, served with a wonderful crab salad – nothing is off the table when you use our tiny plastic platters for your desserts and appetizers. Nevertheless, you won’t find a better deal nor a sturdier mini desserts platter anywhere else on the market.

A Durable Plastic Material

Our plastic dessert cups and trays are made of strong and durable plastic. Able to withstand temperatures from freezing to boiling, using these dessert cups makes all your catering events easy and results in easy clean up.

Able to be reused and recycled, create a delicious cookies and cream recipe and watch your fears melt away. FBA approved and BPA free, our clear plastic dessert vessels are a great way to show off the layers of your intricate recipes.

Affordable Retail Prices At Your Fingertips

Buying a recyclable and disposable CMJJ dessert cup results in more money in your pocket! With cheap and affordable prices available to you, these mini desserts cups are a great addition to your kitchen essentials.

Create the perfect dish by adding our easy and affordable to use cups to create the mini desserts of your dreams. You won’t find a better price anywhere online, all year long and all the time!

Elegant Styles for Any Event

With our tiny dessert cups, any recipe makes a great and easy party. CMJJ has so much variety in style and color, order in advance for your next event and get ready to serve any and all creations you can conjure up.

There is no better way to host an event or dinner party than catering with CMJJ Gourmet. Cupcake liners are a thing of the past when you use our mini asian cup or plastic mason jar to serve up delectable cupcake desserts.

Mini Plastic Cups for Appetizer Recipes

Don’t just stop at desserts! Use our mini cups and mini trays to create a wonderful display buffet and show off your delectable treats for your guests. With our clear verrine vessels, there is no better way to create an enticing banquet for your friends, family, and guests.

Cater With Our Wholesale Products

Depending on whether you are catering to a small party of 10 to a large party of hundreds, we carry all sizes to meet your supply needs. Visit our wholesale page here and find our wholesale contents for all your large party needs.

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Mason Jars Aren’t Just for Storage

Wondering what else you can use a plastic mason jar for? How about a beautiful layered raspberry shortcake parfait, or a deliciously blended s’mores in a jar? You can even create a wonderfully crafted rainbow salad in our small plastic mason jars.

While you can absolutely use our small plastic mason jars as the perfect food storage for your spices and herbs, why not also create a wonderfully layered dessert or appetizer to wow your guests?

Durable Plastic Mason Jars

Glass mason jars are delicate, fragile and often break during shipping. However, with our durable plastic mason jars, that fear doesn’t exist! Made of strong plastic with either a solid plastic or aluminum screw on lid, these mason jars are built to last.

With quick and safe shipping, these mason jars are the perfect option for you.

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