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Do you have an important upcoming event but aren’t sure how to serve your desserts? Don’t fret! CMJJ Gourmet has portable, food-grade, and environmentally-friendly jars for cakes, cookies, yoghurts, custards, and other mouth-watering goodies your clients anticipate to taste.

Deliciously Convenient: Cake Jars Wholesale for Your Busy Customers

Working in a catering business or in a bakery, customer satisfaction is what matters the most. And when it comes to selling cakes, freshness, taste, and convenience is always on the top of your list. The first two are easy to achieve, after all, your business hires only the best pastry chefs. But the third priority is on us.

CMJJ Gourmet has a perfect solution for your busy customers who crave something sweet on-the-go – safe and recyclable cake jars. It’s a perfect alternative to serving trays but bigger and can be thrown into the bag and eaten later. Your customers will love it.

Impress Your Guests: Dessert Jars Wholesale for Catering Services

We know how important it is to showcase your desserts in a beautiful sphere or pyramid cup, but those can be difficult to transport when ready. Nobody wants to arrive on the spot and sell a mushy dessert where the top layer has irrecoverably fallen down.

If your desserts are pre-made, CMJJ dessert jars are a great choice for distributing your cakes, cookies, pudding, and others. Your delicious creations will preserve their warmth, flavor, and shape in our spacious food-grade jars.

Sweeten Your Business: Cake Jars Wholesale for Bakeries and Cafes

Looking for a way to sweeten up your business and attract more customers? Our cake jars wholesale option is just what you need! We know that bakeries and cafes are always looking for new and innovative ways to expand their menu and offer something different to their customers. And that’s exactly what our cake jars do!

Cake jars are what you need to add a twist to the traditional slice of cake. Get rid of that triangular shape and instead experiment with how you serve your desserts.

A Treat for Every Occasion: Dessert Jars Wholesale for Any Celebration

Dessert jars are versatile, which makes them ideal for any occasion. Be it a birthday party, a corporate event, or an anniversary, your chefs will show off their culinary skills and serve desserts and sweet snacks in a unique way. Any guest would be tempted to taste your creations.

Along with dessert jars, don’t forget to get tableware, available all in one place! Preparing for a big celebration is a breeze with CMJJ Gourmet.

Perfect for Parties: Cake Jars Wholesale for Event Planners

Event planners do their best to arrange any event with utmost care and attention. One thing, though, they tend to overlook is how the food is served. Plastic plates will ruin the overall look of the reception. And don’t we all try to keep everything clean and hygienic post-covid? Cake jars are perfect for the job – easy to transport, sealed away from the dirty hands of bypassers and flies, and simply look aesthetically pleasing. What more would you need?

Almost forgot – convenience. We should probably rename our cake jars to grab-and-go cake jars because your guests will want to snatch a jar and go back to their seats while talking to their colleagues or friends instead of juggling the plate and a drink.

Adorable Souvenirs: Dessert Jars Wholesale for Weddings and Parties

Looking for a unique and adorable souvenir for your wedding or party guests? Our dessert jars wholesale option is just what you need! As a seller of dessert jars, we know that weddings and parties are all about creating lasting memories and providing guests with a special treat to take home. And that’s exactly what our dessert jars do!

At CMJJ Gourmet, you can buy dessert jars in bulk, we usually have a minimum limit of about 50 pieces to order which is a bare minimum for most weddings and grand parties. They’re easy to display and provide a unique twist on traditional desserts that your guests will love.

So why not add some adorable souvenirs to your wedding or party with our dessert jars wholesale option? Your guests will be delighted with these sweet and unique treats, and you’ll create lasting memories that they’ll cherish for years to come.

Food-Grade Jars for Multiple Uses

Our cake and dessert jars are a perfect option for cafes, bakeries, caterers, and event planners. Our jars are easy to store, clean, and travel with. The transparent design will display mouth-watering desserts waiting to be picked up and eaten now or later.

As for safety, we wholesale only food-grade PET plastic that is 100% BPA-free. Add our environmentally friendly cake and dessert jars to the cart and enjoy free shipping anywhere in the US.

Affordable Pricing for Cake and Dessert Jars

Get in touch today to get a final price for your order, or buy bulk items directly from our website. We encourage you to browse our catalog of other items to display at your next event. At CMJJ Gourmet, we sell wholesale dessert cups of different sizes and unique shapes to accommodate your sweets.

Order now and get the package within a few business days. If you need to start the preparations right away, give us a call at (702) 525-6625, and we will help you find the most suitable solution.

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