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Bulk Catering Supplies

Showcase culinary creations in high-quality, food-grade, recyclable plastic cups, boxes, and trays from CMJJ Gourmet. Display and protect desserts, drinks, salads, sandwiches, pastries, and more in disposable, recyclable containers specially designed to accommodate single-serving food items or collections of items like cookies and pastries. As your wholesale dessert cup, food tray, and disposable dinnerware supplier, CMJJ strives to meet your every need for attractive food packaging that preserves freshness and shields food until customers make a purchase.

CMJJ began as an importer of fine frozen foods and added quality plastic disposables to serve the needs of chefs and other customers. As a dessert cup, food tray, and dinnerware supplier, we offer high-quality bulk catering supplies at affordable prices. Contact us today with your specific needs for gourmet food packaging that protects food items while highlighting their visual appeal.

Best Selling Products

Wholesale Packaging Supplies for Food

At CMJJ Gourmet, we strive to provide you with the best possible disposable catering and restaurant supplies. Our products are made out of widely recycled plastics, and many of them can be used multiple times. Whether you run a catering business, work as an event planner, or run an outdoor restaurant or food truck, our food containers are the solution to your food storage and distribution needs.

Our wholesale food containers offer comprises items that will help you keep your food fresh and ready for distribution whenever you need it. Some of our inventory was also specifically designed to help you with food transport, a major part of running a catering company. Whether you need to store small sides or main dishes, you’re guaranteed to find the right containers at wholesale prices here!

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Mason Jars

Plastic, disposable Mason jars are the ultimate solution for the storage and serving of side dishes and elaborate desserts. They’re a fantastic option if you care about convenience and saving time at large events where every second matters. Seeing as they’re made out of top-quality plastic, you don’t run the risk of breaking them whenever things get tense and stressful in the kitchen.

Our Mason jars are used not only for desserts but also for long-term storage of pickled vegetables, sauces, and small dishes. They come in different sizes and can make for good-looking take-out containers should the need arise.

Dessert Cup

Serving desserts can be quite tricky sometimes, especially if they’re of the creamy sort. Some of the best-selling items in our wholesale disposable food containers collection are high-quality, plastic mini dessert cups. If food presentation is something you take pride in, our cups allow you to rest easy, knowing that your carefully-prepared desserts will look exactly as you intended them to.

Take a look at our wide offer of wholesale dessert cups with lids and place and order today! Whether you specialize in baked goods, such as cakes, cookies, or donuts, or messier desserts such as ice cream, puddings, or tiramisu, we’ve got you covered!

Food Trays

One of the greatest challenges in the catering business is ensuring your capacity to serve large amounts of food to crowds of people, all the while keeping it fresh and delicious throughout the event. Our wholesale disposable plastic food trays with lids will help you achieve just that. When ordering from us, you’ll never have to worry about the quality of your food slowly deteriorating as the event comes to a close. Thanks to our sturdy, covered containers, your guests will be able to enjoy the entrees and desserts even hours after it was served.

If you tend to organize dinners and events where waiters serve your food items directly to the guests, you might want to consider visiting our bulk plastic serving trays section. With elaborate designs and a number of shapes and sizes, you won’t have to worry about managing, washing, and keeping high quantities of plates ever again!


There’s nothing worse than running out of clean forks, knives, or spoons when serving a large group of people during an important event. It can really put a whole lot of pressure on your staff, who are probably already incredibly busy making sure that all the food is served in a timely manner and your guests are enjoying themselves. Our wide range of wholesale disposable tableware options will keep you covered during long events that require lots of cutlery to be going around the venue at all times. Choose from traditional plastic forks and knives or opt for the more eco-friendly options made out of recycled wheat straw plastic!

Why Buy Wholesale Food Containers From Us?

CMJJ Gourmet is your one-stop shop for plastic food containers in all shapes and sizes. We offer a wide range of refrigerator and microwave-friendly container options that will keep your dishes, desserts, and beverages fresh and ready for serving at all times. With years of experience in the business, we are confident in the quality of our products, prompt delivery, and 100% customer satisfaction. Why wait? Reach out to us and place an order today!

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