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Disposable Plastic Mason Jars with Lids

Mason jars are a true staple of functional and quality solutions for food preservation. This timeless jar design has been utilized in American homes since 1858. With such a long history, Mason jars are the golden standard on the market, offering effective means to store and display food.

Glass Mason jars dominated the market for a long time, but today clients have a variety of options to choose from. One of the most popular solutions are plastic Mason jars, which come with great quality and functionality, bringing all the best qualities of glass jars and more.

In our offer, you’ll find disposable plastic Mason jars with lids in various sizes, perfect for any occasion and catering event!

Safest Materials and Great Quality

Wholesale plastic Mason jars from CMJJ are a fantastic choice for chefs, catering businesses, and entrepreneurs who care about quality and functionality above all. Our containers are made from food-grade PET plastic that is 100% BPA Free, making it very safe for use in the kitchen.

Apart from their aesthetic appearance, which can make or break any catering event, our jars are very practical. There is no risk of shattering them, which is a considerable downside of glass jars. They are easy to clean and store and are much lighter than their glass equivalents, making them a perfect choice for any caterer or restaurant that hosts open-air events, etc.

Bulk Plastic Mason Jars with Plastic and Aluminum Lids

We know that your number one priority is to serve your customers the best desserts and dishes possible. We understand the vision.

At CMJJ, we want to cater to clients with various needs, and for this reason, you can buy our wholesale plastic jars with plastic and aluminum lids. Which option might be better for you?

Transparent plastic lids will work phenomenally in situations when you want to display your edible works of art. This is a valuable solution in bakeries, restaurants or during various events, when you want to attract more people to what you’ve prepared and make sure everything is easily identifiable for customers.

On the other hand, aluminum lids are also a valuable option when it comes to storing or gifting your jars of goodies. You can pop a label on these lids, so you always have access to the most important information about the food you’re storing. Additionally, aluminum lids are great for a number of DIY projects.

Different Applications for Your Convenience

Our Mason jars sold in bulk will make all your catering adventures a big success! At CMJJ, we specialize in equipping you with all the essential food containers, like trays, jars or cups, to deliver your goods intact, looking fresh and nice.

What are some of the popular applications for our plastic Mason jars? For one, you can use them to store and display your beautiful desserts, catching the eyes of all your hungry clients. They are very useful for light dishes like salads, that are being prepped on the spot.

If you’re organizing a promotional event and are looking for jars that can be gifted to your customers, plastic Mason jars will make the most sense. They can also be used as cups, so you can serve your customers water and other drinks.

Our jars with lids are great for displaying your products and transporting them. For your convenience, benefit from our outstanding solutions and make your events and work days run smoothly and without any unpleasant surprises.

Discounted Shipping for Our Wholesale Plastic Mason Jars

Ordering jars in bulk is the most practical solution for many caterers and bakery owners. This way, you can quickly receive your containers and pay for only one shipping fee. We offer discounted shipping for our plastic jars in bulk, making this easier than ever before.

To place your order, browse through our categories and add your products to the cart. Benefit from FREE FedEx shipping on qualifying orders within the 48 United States. Most of our orders ship within 2 business days of checkout, so you can be sure your jars will be delivered to you in no time.

If your order is time sensitive, you can contact us directly and receive assistance in facilitating quicker shipping time.

Safe Shipping Guaranteed

One significant advantage of plastic Mason jars is the fact that they are not as easily breakable, as jars made of glass. This makes them easier to transport, minimizing the risk of receiving broken jars that are of no use to you.

Still, at CMJJ, we make an effort to prep your order in a way that reduces the risk of shattered or broken jars to an absolute minimum. All of our jars are thoroughly secured and checked before shipping to ensure the highest quality of our services and best customer experience for you.

Buying Mason Jars in Bulk Is Easy

With the CMJJ brand, buying wholesale plastic jars is easy, fast and affordable. For us the deal is simple – you make the most delicious and breathtaking desserts and meals and we deliver you containers to display and sell them.

Mason plastic jars work fantastic in a variety of situations, offering you a versatility and durability that is hard to find in many other types of jars. With our affordable prices and outstanding quality, you can rest assured knowing that all of your cooking and baking adventures will come to fruition!

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Looking for dessert cups to display your mini delights in? Maybe you’re after dessert trays to set your display? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! CMJJ Gourmet selection of different cups, trays and jars is extensive so you can easily find and purchase products that fit your vision and goals for your catering events and parties.

Don’t hesitate to go through our categories and visit our blog for even more information and inspirations for dessert plastic disposables.

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