Fun and Trendy Items for Your 2023 Catering Menu

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Does your catering menu need to change every year? Do menus have new trends that emerge year after year? To answer both questions, yes, altering your menu will create diverse options, and following the trends will generate new customers! Adding fun and trendy items to your 2023 catering menu can introduce your clients to new flavors and unique dishes—consider our ideas when creating your menu for next year!

Locally Sourced Food

Have you ever been to a restaurant that offers a unique experience using farm-to-table fresh foods? Not only would you be boosting the economy and profits for local butchers and farmers by sourcing their food and crops for your catering company, but you’re also creating a sustainable supply chain. When you have the option to purchase ingredients from the locals in your town, do so! You’ll mimic the same farm-to-table experience—plus, everyone will know where their food is coming from!

Seafood Alternatives

As you keep reading, you will notice that sustainability is a significant aspect of business practice when preparing and working with food. Unfortunately, the seafood industry often overfishes and exploits most of our oceans. We suggest finding local, reputable companies that fish sustainably, or you can create seafood alternatives with plant-based dishes that offer the same tastes and textures. For example, a fun item for your 2023 catering menu is jackfruit because it’s a versatile ingredient that can mimic crab or tuna meat with the correct seasonings and cooking methods.

Global Flavors

Individuals are becoming more experimental and adventurous with their food choices. Offer the world on your catering menu by incorporating global flavors into your dishes. Using ingredients from all over the world will create a unique dining experience and allow people to eat something they wouldn’t usually find at their local grocery store. Consider mirroring dessert ideas from around the globe and offering bite-sized portions with CMJJ Gourmet’s bulk mini plastic dessert cups—everyone will have the perfect portion, and clean-up will be a breeze!

Clean Eating

In keeping with sustainability trends, many younger generations are moving towards a clean eating movement. Consider offering more than one vegan or vegetarian option and take an in-depth look at how you can make your current recipes healthier and cleaner. Not only are these younger clients willing to eat healthier, but they’re also willing to pay more for sustainably sourced food—meaning farmers use environmental practices, such as regenerative agriculture, to grow the food you source.

It’s evident that the food industry is moving toward more sustainable techniques, and so should your catering business! Create a catering menu for the following year that positively impacts our environment—remember, just because you’re preparing healthier and cleaner dishes does not mean they can’t be flavorful. Consider shifting towards the practices and adding items to your menu that enhance our food chain system instead of harming it.

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