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Among numerous desserts that are likely to appear at your graduation party, it is certainly a great idea to include a healthy alternative – a fruit platter. It can not only be delicious and guilt-free but also look stunning at the table, especially when arranged in a very well-thought-out way.

We have gathered a few tips and tricks to make it appear and taste excellent. Read on to discover our graduation fruit platter ideas!

Fruit Tray Party Ideas for Your Graduation

It is definitely an excellent idea to adjust your fruit choice to the season. Since graduation takes place in summer, it is recommended to place such fruits on your serving tray as:

  • Berries: Any berries, including raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries, will not only taste delicious but also bring stunning bright colors to your graduation fruit platter.
  • Melon: Since melons are firmer, they will make an excellent base for softer berries and other fruits. You can use, for example, honeydew, watermelon, cantaloupe, Crenshaw, or Canary melons.
  • Pineapple: That’s one of the most obvious choices when you think about a summer fruit platter, and it will work great for height on your graduation fruit tray.
  • Grapes: No matter if you go for black, red, green or champagne grapes, they will help you to fill the tray.
  • Figs: It would be best to slice them into quarters so that they are bite-sized. Some people wonder if their skin is edible – the answer is yes! Its beautiful color will certainly contribute to your fruit tray’s appearance.
  • Specialty fruit: If you add a less common fruit to your platter, it will provide some additional colors and make your guests more curious about it. Such a fruit can be papaya, kiwi, dragon fruit, or mango, for instance.

What to Avoid on Your Graduation Fruit Platter

Some fruits are rarely mentioned in fruit tray party ideas as they have a tendency to go brown relatively quickly. Even though they are still good to eat, they don’t look too appealing, and you’d want your graduation fruit platter to be not only tasty but also beautiful.

Examples of such fruit are:

  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Pears

However, if they are your favorite and you want to include them in your graduation fruit tray anyway, it is a good idea to leave them uncut.

How Much Fruit to Add on a Platter

It can be hard to estimate how much fruit you need for your graduation party so that it won’t be too little but also not too much. To prevent wasting food, try to adjust the amounts to the number of your guests.

Here are some rough calculations:

  • 10 guests – 8 cups of fruit
  • 15 guests – 10 cups
  • 20 guests – 15 cups
  • 30 guests – 20 cups
  • 40 guests – 25 cups

Preparation and Storage of the Graduation Fruit Tray – Ideas

The fresher, the better, so don’t prepare your graduation fruit platter too far in advance. It’s understandable that you don’t want to leave it to the last minute, but to keep it fresh, try not to make it more than one day ahead of time.

When your graduation fruit tray is ready, cover it in plastic and put it into the refrigerator. Keep it there as long as possible – preferably, you should take it out about an hour before serving it at your graduation party.

Additional Fruit Fruit Tray Party Ideas and Tips

Here are some additional tips for your graduation fruit platter:

  1. Guests may not be happy about getting their hands dirty and sticky with fruit juice. Providing eco-friendly tableware like mini forks would be beneficial for both the comfort of your guests and the planet.
  2. If you want your fruit platter to be sweeter but still healthy, you can pour some honey on it.
  3. You can make your platter even more beautiful by carving fruit – for example, you can carve a basket out of a watermelon and put other fruits inside.
  4. To add some bright green colors to your composition, leave the green tops on your strawberries.

The Final Note

Selecting the right food for such an important event as a graduation may not be easy, but a fruit platter is always an excellent choice. Almost everyone likes some kind of fruit, so if you make it diverse enough, you can be sure most guests will give it a shot.

Such a refreshing snack will be particularly great for any event taking place in summer, especially if you include such fruits as melons, grapes, berries, or pineapples. Good luck with your graduation and with your graduation fruit tray!




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