Chicken Dishes for Catering

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Chicken is always a great choice for catering events and parties. It’s easy to prepare, and it pairs wonderfully with a variety of side dishes. Plus, it’s relatively inexpensive, making it a great budget-friendly option for catering.

When creating your menu, consider what’s in season. Using seasonal produce is a great way to create fresh, flavorful dishes. It can also help to reduce costs, as seasonal produce is usually less expensive than out-of-season produce.

To inspire your menu, here are some great chicken catering dishes that are perfect for catering events.

Fun Chicken Salads

chicken salad

What’s wonderful about chicken salads is that they are light and refreshing, easy to make in large quantities, and versatile for any occasion. From casual lunches to elegant gatherings, they can be served in a variety of ways and presented on beautiful serving trays.

One excellent choice is the classic chicken Caesar salad, which is always a favorite. It features romaine lettuce, grilled chicken breast, Parmesan cheese, croutons, and a creamy Caesar dressing—a combination that’s hard to resist. For a fun twist, try serving the salad on romaine lettuce leaves, creating edible salad bowls.

For those who like a bit of spice, the buffalo chicken salad is a must-try. This fiery option can be made by spicing up shredded chicken with a flavorful hot sauce or buffalo wing sauce. Combine it with romaine or spinach, shredded carrots, celery, and your choice of ranch or blue cheese dressing, topped with crisp tortilla strips. The cool, crisp vegetables provide a perfect balance to the spicy chicken.

Easy Chicken Wraps

Chicken wraps are a delicious option, and they are definitely a fun and easy way to enjoy chicken. Whether you opt for simplicity or something more elaborate, they’re always a hit.

For instance, Southwest chicken wraps are an absolute delight. You can choose to make them with grilled or fried chicken, then throw in some peppers, onions, cheese, lettuce, and a tangy southwest sauce or ranch dressing. These chicken wraps pair well with salsa, guacamole, and sour cream on the side.

On the other hand, Chicken Bacon Ranch Wraps provide a savory comfort experience, combining crispy chicken tenders or grilled chicken with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and bacon, all drizzled with cool ranch dressing. Both options present a flavorful and satisfying meal, perfect for any catering event.

Chicken Skewers and Satays

Chicken Skewers

Chicken skewers and satays are a fantastic option that your guests will love. The small bites make them perfect for passing around at a cocktail party or buffet. You can load up skewers with cubes of marinated chicken and colorful veggies for a delicious, protein-packed meal.

You could try lemon chicken skewers marinated in lemon juice, garlic, and herbs. The tangy lemon pairs perfectly with the savory chicken. Or why not bring the flavor of the Caribbean to your catering menu with jerk chicken?

The chicken is soaked up with a spicy blend of herbs and peppers like allspice, thyme, habanero, and more. Your guests will love the exciting burst of spiciness, and you can serve it with fresh mango salsa to add a sweet and fruity balance to the dish.

Delicious Chicken Wings

These easy-to-make delights offer a burst of flavor in each bite. Impress your guests with Honey Sriracha Wings, dipped in a vibrant blend of sriracha, honey, soy sauce, rice vinegar, garlic, and ginger, creating a tantalizing fusion of sweet heat.

Or go traditional with BBQ wings slathered in your choice of smoky barbecue sauces, which is a universally loved choice.

However you decide to make your chicken wings, these finger foods can definitely add some fun, flavor, and festivity to any menu.

BBQ Chicken Delight

BBQ Chicken Delight

BBQ chicken makes a fantastic catering choice, soaked in a smoky, sweet, and tangy barbecue sauce and then grilled to perfection.

The rich, bold flavors pair well with an array of sides, but it shines best when accompanied by classic coleslaw, grilled corn on the cob, or a simple, refreshing cucumber salad. You could serve it with creamy mashed potatoes or mac and cheese.

Wholesome Chicken Casseroles

When it comes to pleasing a crowd, you can’t go wrong with a delicious chicken casserole. These one-dish meals are easy to make in large batches and always satisfy.

A good option is chicken pot pie. This classic comfort food combines tender chicken, vegetables, and a savory sauce, all topped with a golden brown flaky crust. You can make individual pot pies for a pretty presentation or bake them in a large pan and slice them to serve.

Chicken enchiladas are also a great option if you’re looking for something with some heat. Loaded with spicy, cheesy, and saucy flavors, they are a fiesta-inspired dish perfect for feeding a crowd. Fill tortillas with shredded chicken, enchilada sauce, beans, corn, and Monterey Jack cheese, then bake until bubbly and delicious.

Wrapping Up

Chicken pairs well with so many sides, like rice, roasted veggies, fresh green salads, pasta salads, and more. It works for any cuisine theme or flavor you want to make. It really just comes down to your creativity and, of course, what ingredients are readily available.


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