Ways To Organize Your Commercial Catering Supplies

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Are you optimizing your commercial kitchen storage at your catering company? Organizing your supplies in an efficient way will allow you and your employees to do a better job when preparing meals for an event. The following techniques will tidy up your kitchen so you can focus on cooking high-quality dishes.

Section Storage Into Zones

First, separate sections in your kitchen into zones that hold specific items and only those items. For example, bulk catering supplies you are not using should be in a storage room away from the kitchen, and knives and cutting boards should be near the prep station for easy access. By placing these items in designated areas, you’ll know exactly where everything is and you won’t have to walk back and forth to gather your supplies.

Organize Further by Category

Take the zoning step further by individually organizing each category of item. Dry goods should be in the same section as non-perishables, cleaning supplies in one area, and fresh ingredients in the fridge. Employees can quickly get confused when each category of goods is cluttered, causing mistakes when prepping meals.

Live by the FIFO (First-In-First-Out) Rule

Have you heard of the FIFO rule? This is extremely important to use in the kitchen, especially when working with fresh ingredients. Following this rule minimizes food waste and encourages you to use up the ingredients that were first in before opening a new product.

Place Lighter Things on Top

When you are stacking a multiple of something, place the lighter items on top. This decreases the number of messes and accidents that happen in the kitchen. Organize your commercial catering supplies in a way that makes sense to you but also in a way that will cause the least amount of stress.

Staff will benefit significantly from a kitchen that is organized and concise because it will make the work easier. As you receive new shipments of products, do your best to keep the storage tidy to stay on top of clutter. Find a system that works for everyone, and your kitchen will be that much more efficient.

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