Mason Jar 24oz 100mm*100mm With Plastic Lid (165 Units)

Price Per Case: $227.23

  • 📦Case Count: 165 Clear Plastic Mason Jars
  • ♨ Temperature Range: -40°F to 160°F (-40° to 71°C)
  • 🌎 Recyclable Mason Jar with Clear Plastic Lids
  • 🧼 Reusable and Easily Cleaned
  • 💪Thick Quality BPA Free and PET Plastic
Dimensions Per Jar:
  • 📏 Bottom Diameter: 100mm  * Height (With Lid): 100mm
  • 🥃 Capacity: Holds up to 24oz of Liquid

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$1.38 Per Unit

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Clear Plastic Mason Jars with Lids

These plastic mason jars are made from durable BPA Free plastic are excellent products when dealing with food storage or recipe creation. The screw on lids are made of clear plastic and are great for showing off all your food recipes!

Showcase your layered cake dessert with these clear plastic mason jars. Your customers will snatch up your delicious products quick when you use these clear plastic mason jars with clear plastic lids wide mouth.

Furthermore, these clear plastic mason jars are super low in price! With a unit price of $1.37 per plastic mason jar, you’re saving more when you buy in bulk. This includes the wide mouth screw on lids in the case!

Wide Mouth Clear Plastic Screw On Lids

These clear plastic jars come with clear plastic screw on lids. Both the jars and the lids wide mouth are made of PET plastic and are BPA free. With our 24 oz clear plastic mason jars, storage has never come so easy! Scoop out your herbs and spices with ease.

Small and trouble-free clear plastic mason jars, these clear plastic containers make it hassle-free to organize your pantry. Additionally, when you stock up on this plastic container, storing becomes a breeze!

These wide mouth plastic mason jars are also great for decoration. With the lids wide mouth, you’re able to put larger items for arts and crafts! Use for homemade shea body butter or colorful layered sand, whatever the application, your customer will love it.

Moreover, these mason jars are great center pieces for parties and weddings. Get creative with these clear plastic mason jars with screw on lids and add to your cart today. Decorate your table with color lights, and pack them with pearls and decorations. You’ll bring an added elegance and freshness to any event! Stock up on this BPA Free clear plastic container jars with screw on lids today.

24oz Clear Plastic Mason Jars to Keep Your Food Fresh

By using this 24oz clear plastic mason jar, you can ensure you keep your food fresh! Whether it’s spices, dry foods, herbs, or even non-edible items like craft supplies, you can rest easy knowing this plastic mason jar is up for the job.

Love cereal but don’t know where to store it? Do the cereal boxes rip when you open them and go stale quickly? You don’t have to worry about them when your story your food in these clear plastic mason jars!

Made of clear plastic, these containers make it easy to differentiate between your different food products. Don’t just worry about quantity, worry about quality too!

Cater with Large Clear Plastic Mason Jars

Have a party of 50 or 100? No problem! With our case pack of mason jars, you’re getting a quantity of 165 mason jars. Your food stays fresh in this clear plastic mason jar and with the lids wide mouth, you’re better able to store dry food, liquids, ingredients! Really, you can store whatever product you want to showcase in these 24 oz clear plastic mason jars.

This 24 oz clear plastic container is great for any customer or guest and, with a quantity of 165 mason jars, the value pack is worth it! Whether you use all of this product quantity now, or for the future, stock up today. You won’t regret it!

Furthermore, these 24 oz clear plastic mason jars are recyclable and disposable! Safe yourself the hassle of a clean up when you use these clear plastic mason jars.

Made of Durable, Yet Safe BPA Free PET Plastic

Our clear plastic mason jar containers are made of quality plastic. So are the wide mouth lids! Made of BPA Free PET Plastic, our customers know they are receiving plastic mason jars with plastic lids that are safe for them and their family.

Besides using this plastic jar with lid for food and storage, use them also for your arts, crafts, and hobbies! The perfect size for kids slime or to store yummy candies, this wide mouth plastic mason jar is the ideal product for your home. Add to your cart and checkout today!

Storage or Desserts, What Do You Choose?

The options are endless! Store your pets dry food, use as sorting items for your small parts, or pack up your lunch with these clear plastic mason jars. So many possibilities at your finger tips.

Host a dessert party and create mouth watering recipes showcased in these clear jars. Strong, durable PET plastic that BPA free and safe to use for food, you can’t go wrong with these clear plastic mason jars.

So Many Plastic Mason Jars to Choose From! Request a Sample Kit Today

Are 24 oz clear plastic mason jars too much or too little for what you’re looking for? Have no fear! We have many sizes and lid materials to choose from. Check out our Plastic Mason Jar line here to see all we have to offer our customers!

Whether you’re looking for a small 8.3 oz clear plastic mason jar to 29.6 oz plastic mason jars, we have you covered. And, if you’re not sure what you’re looking for or what’s ideal for you, request a FREE sample kit today. Support American small businesses when you shop at CMJJ Gourmet Inc.

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Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 22 × 20 in

CMJJ Gourmet Inc.


100% Environmentally Friendly, BPA Free Product, FDA Safe Product




Disposable, Reusable

Ideal for

Banquets, Birthdays, Buffet, Catering, Dinner Parties, Events, Food Service, Party, Weddings



Type of Product

Mason Jar

Usage Range

Appetizer, Cream, Dessert, Food, Hors D'oeuvres, Ice Cream, Jelly, Parfait, Pudding, Sauce, Savory, Sweets, Yogurt

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