How to Transport Hot Soup – Best Ways

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Transporting hot soup can be a daunting task, especially when you’re organizing a catering event. The last thing you want is a messy, sticky, or smelly car due to an accidental spill. But fear not! In this guide, we will explore the best ways to transport hot soup without any mishaps. Whether you’re a caterer, a guest at a potluck, or someone who simply enjoys meals on the go, these methods will provide you with peace of mind during transportation.

1. Mason Jars

If you’re looking for the best way to transport soup, mason jars offer one of the most reliable and spill-proof methods. They are known for their air and water-tight qualities, making them perfect for carrying liquids. Additionally, they can withstand heat, allowing you to pour hot soup directly into the jar. They are versatile and reusable, and keep contents warm for an extended period.

To further enhance the spill-proof nature of mason jars, consider the following tips:

  • Add a slice of bread. Placing a slice of bread at the top of the jar before sealing it can absorb any excess liquid and prevent it from seeping out. Plus, you can enjoy the bread later by pouring the soup over it, adding extra texture to your meal.
  • Use leak-proof silicone sealing lid inserts. If you want additional protection for your soup, consider using leak-proof silicone sealing lid inserts. These inserts provide an extra layer of security and prevent any potential leakage. Simply tuck them into the lid of your mason jar, and you’re all set for leak-free transportation.

2. Vacuum Flasks

Another excellent option for transporting hot soup is using a vacuum flask, also known as a thermos. Vacuum flasks are designed to keep liquids hot and are equipped with tight-fitting lids to prevent any leakage.

To maximize the effectiveness of a vacuum flask when transporting soup, consider these hacks:

  • Preheat the flask. Before pouring hot soup into the vacuum flask, preheat it by filling it with boiling water for a few minutes. This will ensure that the flask is warm and ready to maintain the temperature of your soup.
  • Fill it to the brim. To minimize heat loss, fill the vacuum flask to its maximum capacity. Leaving empty space in the flask allows for more air circulation, which can lead to quicker heat loss.
  • Avoid opening the flask frequently: Opening the flask frequently can cause heat to escape, reducing the temperature retention of the soup. Try to limit the number of times you open the flask during transportation.

3. Larger Containers

If mason jars or vacuum flasks are not available, using a larger container can be a practical alternative for transporting hot soup. By choosing a container that is larger than the amount of soup you have, you create more space for any potential sloshing during transportation.

To ensure a spill-free journey when using a larger container, follow these steps:

  • Line a box with foil. Line a box with foil to prevent any potential leakage from reaching your car interior. This additional layer of protection is especially useful if your larger container does not have a completely tight seal.
  • Pack crumpled newspapers tightly. Crumple newspapers and pack them tightly around the container inside the box. This will add stability and prevent the container from moving or toppling over during transportation.
  • Place the container securely. Position the box with the packed container on the floor of the back seat and gently push the front seat up against it. This will ensure that the container remains upright and secure throughout the journey.

4. Dedicated Beverage Carriers

If you’re searching for ways to transport hot liquid in larger quantities for a social event, dedicated beverage carriers are your best bet. These carriers feature secure lids and excellent insulation to keep soup hot. Some dedicated beverage carriers even allow you to serve the soup directly from the container, eliminating the need for transferring it into another dish.

The Bottom Line

Transporting hot soup doesn’t have to be a messy or stressful experience. By utilizing the best methods and containers available, you can ensure a spill-free journey and enjoy your soup wherever you go. Remember to follow our tips on how to transport hot liquid provided in this guide to deliver your soup safely and securely. Bon appétit!




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