How to Transport a Pie – Best Ways

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Impressing your friends and family with your baking skills is a joy, but when it comes to transporting pies in your car, you can often find it a challenging task. Whether you’re heading to a holiday meal, a bake sale, or delivering a pie to a catering event, proper organization and planning are essential to ensure that your pies arrive safely and intact. Read on and learn about various tips on how to transport pies in the most effective and secure way.

Dedicated Pie Carriers

If you frequently transport pies and want a reliable and convenient solution, you may want to consider investing in a dedicated pie carrier. These carriers are specifically designed to protect your pies during transportation. Simple versions consist of a flat platter with a protective plastic dome and carrying handle, while more elaborate models offer multi-tiered stands to hold multiple pies. Some companies even manufacture wooden pie boxes or woven baskets with lift-out platforms for added elegance and durability. To prevent pies from sliding around, line the trays with a non-skid shelf liner cut to fit neatly.

Bamboo Steamers

If you prefer multi-purpose kitchen tools, bamboo steamers can be an excellent option for transporting pies. These Asian-style steamers come in various sizes, stack easily, and allow steam to escape, making them suitable for carrying hot pies straight from the oven without making them soggy. To secure the stacked steamers during transportation, use duct tape or place them in a box or hamper.

Individual Boxes

If you don’t want to invest in a permanent pie carrier, you can follow the lead of bakeries and pack each pie into its own individual box. This provides a lightweight and protective barrier against any mishaps during transportation. Bakery supply shops often sell these boxes in small quantities, or you can visit a local bakery and ask to purchase a few.

Alternatively, you can use small pizza boxes, which will work equally well for transporting your pies. To prevent the boxes from sliding around, tape or tie them together. For added support and spill prevention, consider packing them into a larger box and using a rubber-grid shelf liner underneath to prevent slippage.

Disposable Pie Tray

When transporting a single pie in a disposable tray, you can create a makeshift protective cover. Invert a second pie plate over the finished pie and wrap it with foil to hold it in place, providing an additional layer of protection. If you’re using a sturdier glass, ceramic, or metal pie tin, you can use an inverted dinner plate as a protective cover. Secure the cover with foil or tape it to the pie plate for added steadiness.

Consider the Temperature and Stability

If you’re carrying pies hot and fresh from the oven, place a folded towel or paper towel beneath the pie to absorb any potential spills. On the other hand, for cream pies and custard pies with perishable fillings, it’s crucial to keep them cold. Stack them into a picnic cooler or place freezer gel packs beneath the pies and wrap them with a towel for insulation. Also, remember that pies in heavy plates or carriers can become dangerous projectiles in the event of an accident. Whenever possible, secure and carry pies in the trunk of your car rather than the passenger compartment.

The Bottom Line

Transporting pies in your car requires a bit of organization and planning, but with the right tools and methods, you can ensure that your pies arrive safely and in perfect condition. The next time you need to transport a pie, make sure to use our tips and tricks to provide your pies with a smooth and worry-free journey.




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