Catering Ideas for Wedding

catering ideas for weddings
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Planning a wedding is a big responsibility. You want to prepare everything to the smallest detail and not worry a bit during the most important day of your life. One of the hardest choices to make is the wedding menu. Ideally, you want your guests to be full but not stuffed, not to mention keeping the wedding menu budget-friendly. However, with so many choices out there, it’s a tough choice to make.

That’s why we are here with amazing wedding food catering ideas you and your guests will love. Get ready to impress your guests with finger-licking and satisfying meals.

5 Wedding Catering Food Ideas

#1 Mason Jar French Toast

French Toast prepared in a mason jar is a fun and filling appetizer to pass out to your guests during the reception. It’s a versatile snack that is light and suits the dietary preferences of vegetarians, making it a crowd-pleaser.

To save up the wedding costs, you can even prepare this sweet and nutritious treat yourself with four simple ingredients. Cut slices of bread cubes and place them in a container. To soften the bread cubes, add a splash of milk and break an egg. The key to making French Toast sweet is adding some cinnamon and drizzling maple syrup over the top.

Finally, microwave your sweet creation for 2 minutes at 30-second intervals. This quick and easy recipe is sure to impress your guests.

#2 Mini Taco Buffet

Are you expecting a big crowd at your wedding? Why not serve them with a table filled with mini, tasty tacos? Make sure to purchase disposable trays with lids so that no insects will ruin the savory treats.

Fortunately, with tacos, you can be insanely creative: stick to traditional recipes or opt for a creative kick of flavors. Meat lovers will appreciate tacos filled with pork or turkey complimented with a spicy sauce, while vegetarians will satisfy their cravings with black beans, roast sweet potatoes, and hearty avocado sauce.

No matter which ingredients you choose, tacos are always a fantastic choice!

#3 Seasonal Soup

Now that we have appetizers sorted, time to move to the second course of the menu – a seasonal soup. An important note here is to choose a soup that is not too hearty. After all, there are other meals on the menu that your guests must try!

For a wedding in winter, consider serving lemon chicken soup, fish stew, or even creamy mushroom soup.

A wedding in spring could benefit from a fresh vegetable with pesto or a creamy asparagus soup.

Those holding a wedding in summer can serve either tomato soup with cheese and a slice of grilled toast or refreshing green soup with cucumber, peas, and lettuce.

French onion soup or butternut squash with bacon is a cozy choice for weddings in the fall when the temperature starts to drop.

#4 Roasted Duck Orange and Ginger Glazing

When searching for a main course that can leave an impression, there is no better choice than a roasted duck. A fancier and more flavorful alternative to chicken that is not too difficult to prepare if you take care of the menu yourself.

A roasted duck can make quite an impression on your guests, especially when glazed with a mixture of orange juice, honey, and soy sauce and covered with slices of aromatic ginger. The secret to making a duck melt in the mouth lies in overnight seasoning, deepening the flavors, and applying the glaze twice (in the last 30 minutes and after the duck is fully roasted).

#5 Strawberry Champagne Tart

Our list of wedding catering ideas cannot be complete without a tender and creamy dessert. Unlike traditional desserts, this one comes with a twist – the champagne mascarpone filling!

Serving this strawberry tart couldn’t be easier with our eco-wheat mini dessert cups. Each cup offers a small portion to your guests, so they can enjoy the final course of the wedding menu.

The preparation is a bit lengthy, but the recipe is similar to a traditional tart, with the only difference being heated champagne, cornstarch, and sugar that is added to the gelatin mixture.

The Bottom Line

Here you have it – 5 wedding catering ideas for your special day. We hope you now have inspiring ideas and know what to prepare and how to serve your meals.

Planning your menu in advance will prevent unexpected hiccups and give you peace of mind to focus on more important aspects of your wedding day.

If you think the amount of food is not enough for the number of guests you expect to have, don’t hesitate to add cheese and fruit platters to the table, along with bite-size snacks like macarons and cookies.

Your guests will appreciate the versatility of your menu and have fond memories of the wedding day.




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