Catering Checklist: Don’t Leave Without These Key Items

Catering Checklist: Don’t Leave Without These Key Items
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When you’re cooking food for a large or small event, you’ll need to transport multiple supplies to ensure the party’s success. One of the best ways to help you prepare for these events is to create a list. Never leave for a venue without these key items on your catering checklist.

Transportation Equipment & Supplies

First, how do you expect to leave with any of your catering supplies if you don’t have a mode of transportation or the equipment to do it safely? Some of the foods you prepare are temperature sensitive and require a cooler or insulated carrier to keep the food at the correct temperature until you arrive at the venue. Besides climate control equipment and reliable transportation, you’ll also need food racks and storage containers.

Serving Supplies

Do you plan on physically serving guests at the event, or will you be setting up a buffet? Either way, you’ll need supplies to safely serve food and beverages without contaminating them. These items include trays, chafers and fuel, server uniforms, and utensils. Anytime food is involved, you must ensure your supplies are clean and safe to use.

Disposable Supplies

If you’re searching for convenient and cost-effective ways to serve guests, consider using disposable supplies. Ordering items such as disposable mason jars in bulk will cut down on cleaning time and are less likely to break and cause the guests harm. Because you can use disposable trays and cups instead of glass or porcelain ones, it’ll be easier for your crew to transport fewer supplies back at the end of the night.

Cleaning Supplies

One of the most essential items on your catering checklist that you don’t want to leave without is cleaning supplies. You’ll need to effectively clean up your mess at the end of the night—and you can’t expect the venue to do this. Taking cleaning supplies—such as garbage cans and bags, disinfectants, and rags—with you to the venue can make clean up quick and easy.

Ensure you have the proper catering supplies before leaving for a venue. Keep this checklist inside your vehicle or in a prominent location so you and your employees don’t forget anything before catering an event. Complete this checklist by adding items you frequently use at your business.

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