5 Fresh Ideas for Creative Dessert Plating

How To Prepare Food in Bulk for Your Next Event
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Impress the guests at the next event you host by using CMJJ Gourmet’s fresh ideas for creative dessert plating. Desserts are often the most exciting part of a meal and grab the guests’ attention. Design and create the most elegant desserts at your next event with our suggestions.

Add Texture & Color

One sure way to make your desserts look more appealing is to add more color and texture to the plate. When you go to a luxurious restaurant, you see them use syrups and flowers as a way to add design elements to the dessert. For example, you could take chocolate syrup in an icing bag and write “Happy Birthday” for the guest of honor on the plate for a more personable dessert.

Top It Off with a Unique Garnish

To make the presentation of your desserts look more professional, consider adding garnish to the food. Garnishes are always edible but are not necessarily added for flavor. Depending on your dessert, you could add cherries, orange slices, slivered almonds, coconut flakes, and more!

Try Different Dinnerware

Much of the dessert experience stems from the type of dinnerware you decide to serve the dish on. A stark white or eggshell-colored plate works excellent for desserts because the garnish, texture, and color you add to the plate will pop more against a plain or light-colored background. If it’s a particularly large event and you want to avoid using plates and bowls, consider using CMJJ Gourmet’s dessert cups with lids, wholesale, to give guests an easy dessert to enjoy then dispose of once they’re done eating.

Create a Focal Point

Do you have a plan for what kind of dessert you’ll be serving? Keep in mind what exactly you’re baking or cooking for and find an element that can be your focal point on the plate. This fresh idea for creative dessert plating will grab the guests’ attention and make for a more luxurious-looking dessert.

Follow a Theme

When you’re fixing the plates to place the desserts on, consider following the theme of the event. Keeping with the theme will make for a more beautifully designed plate. You could even recreate an element of the party by adding the same design, color, and texture to the dessert!

Sweet treats are one of the best parts of any event. The next party you host, give some thought to how you will plate and design your desserts to appease and wow the guests even more. What will you add to your plating techniques to make your desserts appear more elegant and professional?

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