Rectangular Set 172mm*122mm Black Tray With Lid (400 Units)

Price Per Case: $139.60

  • ­čôŽ Case Count: 400 Units
  • ÔÖĘ┬áTemperature Range: -40┬░F to 160┬░F (-40┬░ to 71┬░C)
  • ­čîÄ Recyclable PET Plastic To-Go Trays
  • ­čž╝┬áReusable and Easy to Clean
  • ­čĺ¬┬áThick Quality Plastic Reduces Breakage
  • ­čĺá┬áComes with Plastic Lid
Dimensions Per Tray:
  • ­čĺÄ┬áPremium Crystal Plastic
  • ­čôĆ Inner Width: 4.88″ Inner Length: 6.88″ * Height (With Lid): 2″

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Plastic To-Go Trays

400 Units per case

By using these inexpensive plastic to-go trays, you are sure to keep your events professional and affordable. Use this affordable to-go tray for your various creations to make your catering banquets and buffets professional, elegant, and easy to clean. Keep your events beautiful and affordable with our easy to use plastic disposable containers for all your savory or sweet recipes. Find everything you need to package your creations to-go in style. 

This plastic disposable to-go tray is perfect for easy transport while keeping your events low cost. Additionally, this product is ideal for sushi, portioned meals, and larger desserts. Make your banquets, catered events, and parties look better than ever without breaking the bank with your own creative plastic to-go trays. 

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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 10 × 14 in



CMJJ Gourmet Inc.

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