Disposable Plastic Mini Twisted Pyramid Cup

Price Per Case: $149.00

Price Per Case (Transp. Green) : $129.00

1000 Units Per Case

Size per unit: Base Width: 5.5cm x Top Width: 5.6cm x Height: 5.6cm

Holds up to 2.2 oz of liquid

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$0.149 Per Unit

Small Plastic Dessert Container

1000 Units Per Case

unit size : 5.6* 5.6* 5.5cm

Holds up to 2.2 oz of liquid

Use these small plastic dessert containers for your banquet receptions. Using this inexpensive mini plastic dessert cup for your dessert creations makes your catering banquets and buffets professional, elegant, and easy to clean. Additionally, your party events are sure to be beautiful and affordable with our easy to use plastic disposables. Ideal for all of your dessert recipes. Find everything you need to have a breathtaking dessert buffet with mini parfaits, mousses, and cakes in a cup.

This decorative small plastic dessert container shows off your layered individual dessert recipes while keeping your event cost low. Make your banquets, weddings, and birthdays look better than ever without having to spend a fortune, with your own creative plastic dessert cup ideas.

Don’t forget spoons and forks for your guests! Find our disposable tableware selection here!

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Find new and creative ways to add flare to your catered receptions and birthdays.

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 8 in


Type of Product

Disposable Cup


Transparent, Transparent Green


CMJJ Gourmet Inc.


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