Large Hermes Cup With Lid

Price Per Case: $292.50

900 Units Per Case

Size per unit: Width: 2.25″ * Length 2.25″ * Height: 3″

Holds up to 5.5 oz of liquid


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$0.325 Per Unit

Large Hermes Cup with Lid

900 Units per case

Holds up to 5.5 oz of liquid

The Large Hermes Cup with Lid is the perfect, elegant vessel to showcase any chef’s creations. This cup can be used for desserts but lends itself well to any culinary dish. Entertain your guests while keeping your costs low and your disposable dishes beautiful. By using the disposable hermes cup with lid, your events will be simple and easy to host. Let your innovation sore when using our disposable catering vessels. Make your buffet elegant, safe and affordable.

Make your buffet beautiful and safe by using disposables with lids to create your own cute disposable dessert vessels. This unique Hermes Cup with Lid is ideal for catered events and exquisite banquets.

Don’t forget utensils! Find our disposable tableware here!

Check out our other cup designs and the rest of our product line to spark your creativity for additional ideas. 

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Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 23 × 12 in



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