Disposable 7 oz Large Sphere With Lid (440 Units)

Price Per Case: $286.00

440 Units Per Case

Size per unit: Diameter: 2.4″ * Height: 2.4″

Holds up to 7 oz of liquid


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$0.65 Per Unit

Large Banquet Buffet Cup With Lid

440 Units per case

Holds up to 7 oz of liquid

Use this large banquet buffet cup with lid to hold sophisticated and safe events. This cup is primarily used for but is highly adaptable to any small portion banquet dish. Keep your costs low and protect your guests with this lidded buffet cup. The uses of this cup are endless. By using these banquet buffet cups, your events are sure to be beautiful, affordable and efficient. These cups will make your events consistently stand out. Make consumption easy and safe with lidded cups. 

The Large Banquet Buffet Cup with Lid is perfect for making your desserts stand out. Make your events sleek and safe by using the Large Sphere with Lid as vessels to your culinary creations.

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Weight19 lbs
Dimensions22 × 17 × 10.5 in



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