Eco-Wheat Plastic 2.8oz Rum Shot Glass (672 Units)

Price Per Case: $163.37

  • 📦 Case Count: 672 Units Per Case
  • ♨ Temperature Range: -40°F to 160°F (-40° to 71°C)
  • 🌎 Reusable and Recyclable PET Square Wheat Plastic Cups
  • 🌾 Made of Eco-Friendly Wheat Straw Plastic+PP
  • 📏 Base Width: 1.5″ x Height: 2.125″
  • 🥃 Capacity: Holds 2.8 oz of Liquid

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$0.24 Per Unit

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Bring your ideas to life in these elegant eco-wheat plastic dessert shot glasses. Using recyclable and biodegradable wheat plastic dessert cups allows a unique and easy way to throw parties without the hassle of the cleanup!

The Eco-Wheat Rum Shot Glass is perfect for your mini layered individual desserts! Make your home parties look professional with your own creative dessert recipes. The perfect environmentally-friendly wheat plastic shot glass for your parties. Add some flare to your snacks and desserts! Additionally, this vessel lends itself well to a variety of creations such as mini desserts and finger food appetizers. An affordable cup without the hassle of cleaning up.

This Eco-Wheat Plastic Rum Shot Glass is the ultimate vessel for displaying various dishes. It has a unique and elegant design that is sure to stand out on any banquet buffet. Additionally, this eco-friendly wheat straw plastic+PP dessert glass lends itself well to a variety of culinary creations which allows your chef to freely create dishes. Host events that are affordable, safe, and beautiful.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 10 × 10 in

Light Beige


Disposable, Eco-Friendly, Reusable, Tableware

Ideal for

Banquets, Birthdays, Buffet, Catering, Dinner Parties, Events, Food Service, Party, Weddings


Wheat Plastic

Type of Product


Usage Range

Appetizer, Cream, Dessert, Food, Hors D'oeuvres, Ice Cream, Jelly, Parfait, Pudding, Sauce, Savory, Shot Glass, Soup, Sweets, Yogurt


CMJJ Gourmet Inc.

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