Disposable 60cc Round Plastic Glass

Price Per Case: $112.00

Price Per Case (Transp. Green) : $75.00

1000 Units Per Case

Size per unit: Width: 1.75″ x Height: 2″

Holds up to 2 oz of liquid

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$0.112 Per Unit

2 oz. Plastic Dessert Glass

1000 Units per case

Size per unit:  Width: 1.75″ x Height: 2″

Holds up to 2 oz of liquid

Make your events unique with the creative designs of these 2 oz. plastic dessert glasses for your events. Using small plastic disposable cups makes your catering banquets professional and elegant yet easy to clean. Keep your events beautiful and affordable with our easy to use mini disposable plastic vessels. Find everything you need to have a breathtaking dessert buffet with mini parfaits, mousses, and cakes in a cup.

The round 2 oz. plastic dessert glass is perfect for your layered individual desserts while keeping things cheap. Make your banquets, weddings, and parties look better than ever without breaking the bank with your own creative plastic dessert cup recipes.

Looking for forks and spoons to include with your desserts? Find our disposable tableware selection here!

Looking for more to spice up your catering events? Check out our full product catalog to find more ideas on how to make your themed events consistently stand out.

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 9 in

100% Environmentally Friendly, BPA Free Product, FDA Safe Product


Transparent, Transparent Green


Disposable, Eco-Friendly, Reusable, Tableware

Ideal for

Banquets, Birthdays, Buffet, Catering, Dinner Parties, Events, Food Service, Party, Weddings



Type of Product


Usage Range

Appetizer, Cream, Dessert, Food, Hors D'oeuvres, Ice Cream, Jelly, Parfait, Pudding, Sauce, Savory, Shot Glass, Soup, Sweets, Yogurt


CMJJ Gourmet Inc.


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