Disposable 2.5oz Square Mini Dessert Cup (24 Units)

Price Per Sleeve: $14.95

  • 📦 Sleeve Count: 24 Units
  • ♨ Temperature Range: -40°F to 160°F (-40° to 71°C)
  • 🌎 Recyclable PET Square Cups
  • 🧼 Reusable and Easy to Clean
  • 💪 Thick Quality Plastic Reduces Breakage
  • 📏 Width: 1.75″ x Height: 1.5″
  • 🥃 Capacity: Holds 2.5 oz of Liquid

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$0.62 Per Unit

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Square Mini Dessert Cups

Looking for the perfect mini dessert cup? This plastic square mini dessert cup is perfect for all your delicious dessert creations. Clear, small, and miniature, these tiny clear plastic cups are good to create serving size desserts. This clear plastic cup item is great for all your dessert creations.

Durable Clear Plastic Dessert Cups

These mini cups are made of strong plastic material and are the perfect size for tiny desserts and individual servings. Look no further than our wholesale square clear plastic tiny dessert cup. Your party will be the hit of the century with this dessert item!

The value of these square mini dessert cups is unlike any other online – shop stress free and add these tiny plastic cups to your cart now!

Showcase Your Mini Desserts in a Tiny Square Cup

This decorative clear plastic mini dessert cup shows off your layered individual dessert recipes while keeping your event cost low. Add an elegant look to your party when serving your desserts, appetizers, and any other recipes in this square mini dessert cup.

Make your banquets, weddings, and birthdays look better than ever without breaking the bank. Add this mini dessert cup to your cart now – your own creative clear plastic mini dessert cup ideas are waiting!

Cater With This Square Mini Dessert Cup

Keep your events professional and affordable using these 2.5 oz mini plastic square dessert cups for your banquet receptions. This square mini dessert cup is perfect for mini desserts and mini appetizers. Using this inexpensive mini plastic dessert cup for your dessert creations makes your catering banquets and buffets look professional and elegant.

Additionally, your party events are sure to be beautiful and affordable with our easy to use clear square mini dessert cup. Ideal for all of your mini dessert cups recipes.

Find everything you need to have a breathtaking desserts buffet with mini parfaits, mousses, and cakes in this square mini dessert cup. With quick shipping and handling, catering just got a whole lot easier.

Quick Shipping and Delivery

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Is your event soon? Shipping is usually next day! Save the worries and add these clear square plastic mini dessert cups to your cart now. Delivery is fast and hassle free! Help yourself and order these square clear plastic cube cups today. Don’t worry, we got your back.

Great Mini Dessert Cups for All Occasions

Are your parties and events starting to pile up? These clear plastic mini dessert cups are durable and the perfect serving size for all your guests. A square plastic dessert cup, clear in color and great for mini candy bowls, parfaits, and the like! This square clear plastic item is sure to have your back when you throw the party of the decade.

Buy The Best Clear Plastic Dessert Cups Money Can Buy

We always put our customers first. We guarantee you like what you get. And if, on the slim chance our product is not a fit for you, we promise easy returns. We hope you like our plastic desserts cups and we will ensure you leave our site happy and for the better.

The capacity of these cubed plastic cups allow for a vast spectrum of edible creations like puddings, bite-sized snacks, tiny fruit, small appetizers, ice cream, and more! Even use these shallow plastic cups as sauce dishes or a butter dish.

Experience Quality Mini Plastic Dessert Cups

Above all, take your mini recipes to the next level with our square mini dessert cup. Create elaborate and layered tiny desserts with these clear square dessert bowls, and experience easy and quick shipping to boot!

Unique in design makes these square bowls an item you must add to your next future party, wedding, anniversary, shower, and even add to your everyday kitchen gear.

Reusable and Recyclable Square Plastic Dessert Bowls

Our square mini plastic dessert bowls are made of a strong plastic material that is easily washable, making this item a truly valuable product. With the option to create any desserts, ranging from parfaits to your favorite hors d’oeuvres, layered chocolate mousse, and even jello shots!

Additionally, these square mini dessert cups are recyclable and easily disposable. When your party is over, you can rest at ease knowing that clean up of these mini cups will be easy and stress free. And previously knowing shipping is quick saves you the worry of a late arrival as you can be sure your order will be delivered as quick as possible.

Order These Uniquely Designed Tiny Square Cups Today

As you can see, these plastic dessert cups will perfectly present all of your culinary creations including jello, parfaits, tiny appetizers, and any other creative ideas that come your way. Showcase your layered recipes with these professional chef quality disposable plastic square cups.

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Weight .76 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 3.5 × 1.75 in

100% Environmentally Friendly, BPA Free Product, FDA Safe Product


Transparent, Transparent Green


Disposable, Eco-Friendly, Reusable, Tableware

Ideal for

Banquets, Birthdays, Buffet, Catering, Dinner Parties, Events, Food Service, Party, Weddings



Type of Product


Usage Range

Appetizer, Cream, Dessert, Food, Hors D'oeuvres, Ice Cream, Jelly, Parfait, Pudding, Sauce, Savory, Shot Glass, Soup, Sweets, Yogurt


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