How to Keep Fried Food Crispy When Transporting

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The satisfying crunch that comes with each bite while eating fried food is something we surely all love. However, keeping that crispy texture can be a challenge when you need to transport the food. Whether you’re heading out for a picnic, hosting an outdoor lunch, or delivering food to guests at a catering event, you want to ensure that your fried food stays crispy and delicious. Read on and learn about the top tricks on how to keep food crispy when transporting.

Allow to Cool and Drain Excess Oil

One of the most important steps in keeping fried food crispy when transporting it is to allow it to cool and drain any excess oil. When fried food is freshly cooked, it contains moisture that can make it lose its crispy texture. By letting the food cool and drain, you can remove excess oil and prevent sogginess.

How can you accomplish this? First, you can use perforated spoons and bowls while cooking to allow the oil to drain off. Just be sure to place non-plastic kitchenware beneath the perforated bowls to catch any oil drips. Another option is to sit the fried food on a wire rack, which allows the oil to drip away. One useful trick is also keeping the lids of fryers and pots half-opened to let steam escape while the food cools.

2. Choose the Right Food Container

How to keep wings crispy when transporting? By using the right food containers. Look for containers that have holes or vents to allow for proper air circulation. This will help to prevent moisture buildup, which can lead to sogginess.

Opt for paper boxes with ventilation holes that are an excellent choice for transporting fried food. They allow air to circulate while still providing protection for the food. You can also use perforated plastic food containers, which offer both ventilation and durability.

3. Use Paper Towels

If you’re unable to find containers with ventilation holes, you can use paper towels to help keep your fried food crispy. Simply place a layer of paper towels in the bottom of the container before adding the food. The paper towels will absorb any excess moisture and help to maintain the crispy texture.

To ensure the best results, roll out the paper towels neatly and consider wearing disposable food gloves to avoid contamination. You can also double up on the paper towels for added absorption power.

4. Don’t Wrap Your Food Too Tight

When packing fried food for transport, it’s important not to wrap it too tightly as it can trap moisture and lead to sogginess. Instead, give the food some room to breathe by loosely wrapping it or using containers with lids that allow for airflow.

If you prefer to use food wraps, opt for materials like parchment paper or beeswax food wraps. These allow for some airflow while still protecting the food. Remember to use a base layer of paper towels to absorb any moisture.

The Bottom Line

Transporting fried food doesn’t have to mean sacrificing its crispiness. By following these few useful hacks on how to transport hot food without it getting soggy, you can ensure that your fried food stays crispy and flavorful when it arrives at your destination. Enjoy!




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