Crafting a Crowd-Pleasing Baby Shower Catering Menu

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A baby shower cannot be complete without the mom-to-be’s favorite foods. It’s even more of a vital element when pregnancy cravings are involved. Craft a crowd-pleasing catering menu for the baby shower to please guests and the mom-to-be.

First and foremost, we will go over how you should go about curating this menu. Then, we’ll give you some examples and ideas for foods that you’ll need to make for the next baby shower you throw.

Keep Food Safety in Mind

Food safety is important regardless of the occasion, but dietary restrictions are much more extensive for pregnant women than for ordinary people. Avoid dishing out foods that the mom-to-be cannot eat, like seafood and deli meats. Ensure the catering company that is completing your order follows all food safety regulations for the health of every guest in attendance.

Consider Size and Styles

Do not feel pressured into thinking you need to follow a set-in-stone theme for the food. Of course, if the shower has a theme, it is nice when the food matches, but it is not a necessity. Would the guest of honor prefer small dishes and finger foods? Or does she prefer a more traditional buffet-style meal where guests can choose their own portions?

CMJJ Gourmet offers wholesale mini dessert cups that work great for putting candy in for party favors or quick desserts that guests can grab throughout the celebration. We also provide dessert trays and other utensils if you would rather have larger quantities of food.

Offer a Variety

Aside from the mom-to-be, some guests might have dietary preferences like being vegan or vegetarian. Other guests could have dietary limitations like a gluten allergy. When you plan a crowd-pleasing catering menu for a baby shower, you must guarantee that there are foods on the table that appeal to everybody or have alternative foods for those with dietary limitations.

Food Ideas

Now, for the best part: a glimpse into some ideas you can steal for your catering menu! Dips are always a score for parties; you could have a savory dip and a dip that works excellent for dessert, like a strawberry cheesecake dip. Another brilliant idea is to frost cut-out cookies in the nursery or baby shower’s theme. If you want to go above and beyond, lean into the mom’s cravings and offer a chocolate fountain complete with items to dip in it.

Let your imagination run wild when creating a baby shower catering menu because this occasion is all about having fun! Get the opinion of the mom-to-be or surprise her with all her pregnancy cravings. Keep our tips in mind, and you’ll find success in your menu-crafting skills.

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