4 Self-Serve Ice Cream Bar Tips for Wedding Planners

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Cake has long been the dessert that wedding planners urge you to serve after dinner—but did you consider a self-serve ice cream bar? You could choose to include both desserts and leave the ice cream for the late-night snack when guests need a break from the dance floor. Plan this bar for the big day, and consider our help to make the experience that much sweeter!

Consider Dry Ice

Many times, individuals plan this ice cream bar with the intention of using ice to keep the treat cold. This works until it’s a hot summer day or you plan on having the bar available for a longer period. Dry ice won’t ruin the cartons of ice cream because it’s a gas; plus, it will keep the dessert cold for up to 24 hours.

Create a Menu

This self-serve ice cream bar is most likely going to be a hit, so keep the line of guests moving through this dessert station by giving them a menu to look at. By having this visible near the cart, party-goers can decide on their flavor more quickly while waiting in line. Wedding planners and happy couples should never forget to include multiple flavors, toppings, and sauces in a self-serve ice cream bar for a true, authentic sundae bar.

Pre-Scoop the Ice Cream

Remember, you want every guest to enjoy this dessert station, so you’ll need to keep the line moving. An easy way to do this is by having the ice cream pre-scooped into disposable mini plastic dessert cups. Now, the only thing guests have to do is put their toppings on. This takes the pressure off your family and friends to quickly pick a flavor to keep everyone moving through the line.

Don’t Forget To Decorate

Everything else at the wedding follows a theme or matches in color, so why wouldn’t the same go for the ice cream bar? A quick way to add contrast to this station is to elevate some toppings or dishes on tiers. Otherwise, everything is level and cluttered on the same table. Add elements from your reception décor to the table so that everything in the reception hall fits together seamlessly.

This sundae bar is perfect for outdoor weddings or ones that take place in the summer. Friends and family will love enjoying a sweet treat after breaking it down on the dance floor. Don’t forget to have a variety of flavors and toppings so that everyone has something they’ll like.

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