3 Ways To Cut Supply Costs at Your Catering Company

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As an owner of a catering business, you should already monitor your budget and the cost of food and other items. Because preparing hundreds of meals a week gets expensive, you might be looking for new ways to cut supply costs at your catering company. Our three ways to save you money are cost-effective yet still get the most bang for your buck.

Choose Cost-Effective Foods

One of the cheapest foods a catering company can make is cultural rice or noodle dishes. Cultural meals like Thai, Mexican, or Indian are delectable dishes that won’t break the bank. When purchasing cheaper, non-perishable foods, order them in bulk to get the most out of your money.

More ways to choose cost-effective foods include never sticking to the same vendor, buying frozen fruits or vegetables, and shopping the generic brands. The goal is to cut down on ingredients you’re buying while still maximizing their usage.

Limit Menu Offerings

You may want to limit your menu if you have too many options to choose from. Having all those ingredients on hand gets pricy, and you run the risk of not being able to use them on time. Instead, offer various seasonal meals every three months and monitor how much food is wasted after every event.

If there are any meals on the menu that you notice to be unpopular, cut them from the list. A smaller menu showcases the chef’s best work and makes easier decision-making on the client’s end while simultaneously saving your business money.

Implement Technology for Tracking

If you aren’t tracking your inventory or budget yet, you must start. This helps in buying items, like dessert cups with lids wholesale, at the correct time and never overstocking on things. Using a system like this allows you to see every variable and how much it costs you. A visual aide may be the only thing you need to tell you where you can cut costs the most and what you are spending too much on.

A good business owner should always look for effective ways to cut supply costs for their catering company. Money cut in one area can be applied elsewhere for better business. The main purpose of cutting costs is to maintain customer satisfaction and keep extra money in your pockets.

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